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Over 15000 clients have been served across India by our firm. Since its inception, Blueinkk has been a firm believer that IP laws, regardless of the case, should be upheld in a fair, non-discriminatory and a nuanced manner. This attribute attracted over 15000 clients to our firm, who, after getting their required IP services, were left satisfied. From patent to trademark, from copyright to patent, from geographical indication to corporate laws, we have been successfully able to cater to all those you are looking for viable legal assistance that’s consistence and reliable.

The reason of our consistency is our core values. The firm respects the historical laws that were put in place to maintain the dignity of human kind, but also understands that with time, the changes in law has to be taken into account. Respect for the past and innovating the present has allowed our legal experts to expedite thorough solutions for our clients.

Well-informed, dynamic and upto date, that’s how we define our team of professionals. They offer to you a wealth of experience and being always in research-mode, you can always expect up to sate solutions regarding prosecutions and litigations.

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