Patent are Legal protections given to inventions that are novel, unique and inventive. Blueinkk excavate such inventions thoroughly and ensures that all steps are taken to get those industrial inventions on the pedestal of patent. Our experts provide the following services within the patent domain:

  1. Protecting patent rights across the multiple sectors of chemistry, technology, pharmaceuticals, electronics and food related domains.
  2. Complete package of Patent protection services that include patent search, patent investigation and thorough patent research of the behemoth IP databases to ensure that the applicant’s idea is truly unique.
  3. Complete assistance in filing the application of patent registration, and analyzing the proposal of patent registration. A technically minded team thoroughly excavate the presented patent document and file the patent application as per the exact specifications.
  4. Providing a detailed and contextual advice on filing and prosecuting patent application while taking into account client’s commercial requirements, the applicability of the patent and long term enforceability of patent enforcement laws.
  5. Assisting in the initiation of, and defence against the opposition matters before the central patent office of India and the IPAB (Intellectual Property Appellate Board)
  6. 6. Advising in the matters of patent assignment and patent licensing by maximizing the valuation of such matters to ensure maximum benefit to the client.
  7. Providing services associated with docketing and maintaining the annuities of patent so that subsistence can be provided for valuable rights.

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