Blueinkk’s Design team is adept in ensuring that the designs on products are well-protected under the legal sphere. By implementing the entire legal paradigm in a meaningful manner – from registration to maintenance to other litigation actions – all necessary actions are ensure that the client’s requirement is fulfilled within the legal confines of the design laws. Recently, we were able to aid our client by enforcing his “trimmer” design rights. As a result, much of India’s trimmer production has been halted. Our services including:

  1. Through investigation of design in which the novelty, and the uniqueness of the design is put under scrutiny. By ensuring thorough investigations prior to the design registration filing process, the team ensures that the design has the chance to be registered.
  2. Taking pre-emptive actions for or against the cancellation actions filed before the Designs office.
  3. Maintaining the designs that are already registered,
  4. Advising in the matters of Design assignment and design licensing by maximizing the valuation of such matters to ensure maximum benefit to the client.
  5. Design oversight services to ensure that client’s don’t suffer from any infringing actions.
  6. Enforcement of the design rights and resolution on behalf of the clients before several tribunals across India.
  7. Assistance with filing applications pertaining to design registrations.

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