Since the inception of Blueinkk, our legal experts have been completely integrated themselves with the matters of trademarks. A trademark is an IP that identifies the product or service you provide and distinguish them from other products or services of the same kind. That IP can either be a name, logo, sound, shape or even smell. In regards to trademark, we provide the following services:

  1. Advising on complete spectrum of prosecution of trademarks. We do so while keeping in mind the commercial objectives of the clients, the local regulations of area in which the client wants to promote his/her brand and the long-term, enforceability of the trademark laws.
  2. Accumulating the required documents, filing the application and implementing them (including Madrid applications) to the trademark office. Monitoring the progress of the trademark registration process and ensuring that the client has pre-emptive measures to take in case the application faces any kind of rejection.
  3. Safeguarding client’s trademarks against opposition. Ensuring that the client’s have enough power to oppose the trademark registration attempt of a trademark infringer.
  4. Conducting a thorough trademark search and performing all the due diligence required prior to filing the trademark application. Conducting market investigations, surveys and other knowledge gathering techniques to ensure that the clients steps into the trademark litigation proceedings with the right foot.
  5. Advising on trademark licensing, assignment and franchising of trademarks. Ensuring that the trademarks potential is leveraged to the maximum to forward the clients the maximum value of their trademarks. Furthermore, conducting all the legal formalities surrounding trademark assignment and licensing.
  6. Providing legal assistance when it comes to representing the clients in the trademark office, the IP appellate board and Internet Exchange of India in regards to the maintenance and prosecution of the trademark.
  7. Facilitating the clients with the protection and registration of trademarks that fall outside our jurisdictions with the help of our on-boarded associates. These associates have expanded our reach and potential throughout Indian subcontinent in the countries including Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan, Myanmar, Maldives and Nepal.

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