The dynamic team advises all types of clients – from individuals to industries – from purveyors of fast moving consumer goods to luxury brands – from fashion to pharmaceuticals – from computer software to telecom, television and sport in the matters of traditional and modern (new media) copyright issues. Our practices provide:

  1. Advisory and assistance services in filing and prosecuting the applications for copyright registration, agreements for licensing, sales and purchase of copyrighted material, managing cancellation of copyrights on behalf of the clients and presenting their case before the copyright office.
  2. Conducting a thorough investigation for the clients to ensure that their copyrighted works aren’t breached by any third party.
  3. Complete assistance in enforcing copyright and thus pursuing administrative remedies before various tribunals across India. Assisting in search and seizure, and cease and desist operations.
  4. Analyze the complicated overlapping IP rights, managing online content and drafting takedown notices.

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